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Announcements, News, and Interesting Tidbits!

1.  The new year is almost here and there are several items of interest to discuss!  First, there are two new shows in the works for next school year - an all new Grimm's Fairy Tales program as well as a brand new Poe program featuring all new routines, stories, and poems.  Stay tuned for more details over the next few months, including the possibility of hosting a preview version of the aforementioned shows at an extremely reduced rate (similar to the early debuts of the original Grimm and Poe programs).  

2.  As usual, October and November of 2015 are already filling up - so if your school would like a program for next year, NOW is the time to reserve your spot.  May is also a very popular month as several schools who book programs in the fall also book a second program around the end of the school year for a different grade level, so the earlier you reserve your spot the better your chances of getting the date you want.  My schedule/calendar are updated daily so feel free to take a look and see what's available.

3.  Christmas brought a host of Poe themed presents, including a Poe t-shirt, a Poe neck tie, a Poe bobblehead, and, my favorite, a Bust of Pallas - just like in "The Raven"!  Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

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