Show #3

"Something Wicked This Way Comes: A Shakespeare Experiment"

Chad is pleased to present his newly revised program for high schools, "Something Wicked This Way Comes: A Shakespeare Experiment."  Students will witness many strange and eerie routines as they become familiar with several of Shakespeare's tragedies, including Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth.  Not only will students learn about the plots of these tragedies - they will also see some of the themes of the aforementioned tragedies be demonstrated in very mysterious ways - betrayal, fate, manipulation, stabbing, poisoning, ghosts, and witches - just to name a few!  The audience will also be exposed to some of the most famous quotes from Shakespeare - many of which they use in day to day conversation without even realizing it!  

Chad looks forward to showing your students some of the more bizarre sides of Shakespeare's works!  

Below you will find some comments about the program:

 "I hope you had as good a visit with us as we had with you! I overheard other teachers (not English teachers either!) saying yours was the best assembly/performance we have had in years! We have had multiple requests in the library and in the ELA classes for pieces written by Poe and Shakespeare. Some students in class commented, "I thought Shakespeare would be more difficult; it actually sounds interesting!" Students were buzzing about, "How did he do that? "Did you see that?" and "I didn't know Shakespeare wrote about that kind of stuff." I loved the Shakespeare quotes you used; it made Shakespeare relevant to the students. I would recommend your program to other educators! I wish you the best of luck! You are a talented educator!" Dr. Lydia Moyer, Honors English Teacher, Honea Path Middle

"I love your show each year!  I always look forward to you coming!  My kids leave with an interest in reading the stories, plays, and poems that you mention!  I am so thankful to have you here to demonstrate excitement while discussing literature.  Thank you!"  Charity Henry, Drama Teacher, Franklin County High


" The students were very interested and engaged in the program. I believe it provided a different way for them to learn about Shakespeare beyond reading the text and class discussions. The audience participation gave the students a chance to interact with the performance and that was a great way to differentiate the learning process. They loved the illusions and "magic" tricks. I think the students were enthralled with the program and overall, it was a great way to bring Shakespeare to them in a creative way. " Jill Rose, Media Specialist, Alpharetta High

"Chad, the show was great - personally I have never been a big Shakespeare fan but after your show found myself more interested in his work. The teachers LOVED it! I would definitely recommend the show to others! " Kellie Justice, Media Specialist, Franklin County High


Here are a few comments from the preview at White County High this past October:


"I enjoyed it very much actually! I personally never read Macbeth and after the show I checked it out of the library!" Student, White County High School, Cleveland, GA (Taken from student survey)


"Very professional and the students were mesmerized! It was great!" Deborah Holmes, LA teacher, White County High School, Cleveland, GA


"It was very intriguing. You did some interesting stuff that kept everybody's attention. Tell us your secrets!" Student, White County High, Cleveland, GA (Taken from student survey)


"It was fun and a different way of learning!" Student, White County High, Cleveland, GA (Taken from student survey)


"It made me want to read all the books he talked about!" Student, White County High, Cleveland, GA (Taken from student survey)




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