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"Nevermore: Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe"

Chad's new program, "Nevermore: Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe" focuses more on storytelling than any other program available.  Students will witness the dramatic telling of some of Poe's most famous works, including "The Tell-Tale Heart", "The Raven", "Annabel Lee", and "A Dream Within a Dream" - all from memory.  Between the stories and poems, students and teachers will witness strange and mysterious magic routines that go along with each piece.  Many of Chad's 2012-2013 schools were able to see a sneak peek of some of the stories and poems at the conclusion of Chad's "Authors of Mystery and Horror" programs.  (Oh, and the above photo is of a mural painted for Chad by the art students at Hull Middle School several years ago, and it now resides at Chad's house where it is proudly on display!)



Here are a few comments about the show:

 "By lunchtime yesterday, everything we had in the library collection that is related to Edgar Allan Poe had been checked out, and some of the books have a reserve list! It's hard to say what is my favorite - there are a lot of really good parts. It's especially nice how you draw the kids in with some details about Poe's life and put the stories in context; also, you do a good job with audience participation and using volunteers. I would definitely recommend this show to others - it introduces kids to literature that they might not explore otherwise, and they love the show! Your shows are very professional and entertaining. Keep up the good work!" Mary Perdue, Media Specialist, Jasper Middle

"The students were engaged and listening. It may be that they never wanted to read Poe or even listen because the books looked big or they didn't realize how interesting they were. Poe can also be hard to read sometimes but you helped them to understand what he is saying. Students that hate reading get interested and leave with a little bit of knowledge about Poe. Therefore, they want to know more and start reading for themselves. My personal favorite was the magic trick with the rings. That was amazing to me. I knew this time to go ahead and pull all the books that I had before the show due to increased interest! It was exciting to see the students still talking about the program a day or two later. It is so worth it to spark their interest! I think this show is just perfect the way it is!" Kellie Justice, Media Specialist, Franklin County High

"After the show, in my discussions with the students, they could not wait to start reading Poe! I loved the magic trick with the chalk board. In this show, every piece you did had something to do with what they have read or what they are about to read. Students came up to me to say how much they liked the show. This was without me asking them. Please know that as a language arts teacher, your show yesterday was indeed my favorite!" Joan Irwin, LA Teacher, Piney Grove Middle

"I liked this show even better because it went beyond recommending books and actually exposing them to selections of great literature. My favorite part of the program was "The Tell-Tale Heart". Would I recommend this show to other educators? Absolutely." Rebecca Roper, Media Specialist, Greer Middle

"Our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders all attended the program, "Nevermore: Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe", and it was awesome! From the creepy music, to the super-cool costume, to the stage decorations, our students were enthralled from the minute they entered the auditorium. They were entranced by the storytelling itself and love the interactive opportunities; even the teachers got involved! We loved the background knowledge about Poe and his stories, and the magic was so cleverly introduced in conjunction with the tales. I especially loved the accent Chad used when performing "The Tell-Tale Heart". What a great experience for our student body. Thanks, Chad - I say your new show is a big hit!" Sheila Holloway, Media Specialist, Huntington Middle School

"Your show exposed the students to poetry by using their imaginations through their senses. It takes a very talented artist and you have it. My favorite part of the program was the authentic exposure (accent, dress/costume from the era) from somebody who obviously loves what he does and is extremely talented. I loved it. You are extremely talented and kept the student's interest. It brought to life the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe in an authentic form. Thank you again!" Shelly Vincent, LA Teacher, Jasper Middle

"Chad, we had so much fun! You are always a pleasure to work with, and the kids were delighted. Your shows always encourage reading, because you use student's interest and curiosity to get them motivated. Plus, students get that you too love reading and literature. Your new show about Poe was great, and the students LOVED hearing you recite his poetry in such a dramatic way. My favorite part of this program was watching students' faces as you recited "The Tell-Tale Heart." I knew it was new to them and they were completely focused. I also love your magic pieces, which amaze us all! I would recommend this show wholeheartedly! Great show and keep up the good work!" Juliana Anglada, Media Specialist, Five Forks Middle

"I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I would think that the kids would certainly be interested in finding out more about Poe and his writings. My favorite part was "The Tell-Tale Heart." The kids and I were all spellbound! Thank you very much for a really fun and interesting performance! You really brought Poe to life for me!" Mary Cooper, 6th Grade Teacher, Five Forks Middle



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