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"Authors of Mystery and Horror" 2.0

Chad's "Authors of Mystery and Horror" 2.0 was created for schools who had booked Chad the previous year for the entire student body and wanted something different for a repeat performance the following year.  While the atmosphere is the same as the original version, this program contains all different authors and stories, and the conclusion ties into what students learned in the original "Authors of Mystery and Horror."  The authors in this program are Robert Louis Stevenson (Jekyll & Hyde, Treasure Island), W.W. Jacobs (The Monkey's Paw), and H.G. Wells (The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, War of the Worlds).  Students will once again learn about the stories and some of the strange and unusual circumstances surrounding the lives of those who wrote them.



 This program is also GREAT for PTA/Family Night programs - especially when combined with the original program during the day.  Students will excitedly bring back their parents and friends for the evening program after seeing the regular version during the school day, and schools can do very well when they choose to sell Chad's book "Magic of Mystery and Horror" after the evening program.  To find out more information about book sales, just click on the picture of the book below and see how your school can profit from it!

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 Finally, below are some comments from other educators about the program!

"I had many students ask me for all of the story names/authors Chad mentioned so they could read them. I also had students express an overwhelming desire to read "The Monkey's Paw," so we are going to during the last week of school!" Amy Stewart, 7th Grade LA Teacher, Hull Middle


"Chad, you were fantastic! It went great! The kids were attentive because of the way you presented your material! My kids came back talking about the program and wanted to check out many of the books you mentioned! Your magic was great!!! Very effective and pertained to the subject! How do you do it??!!?? Your presentation was very positive and interesting. You knew your authors and their work! Thank you again sooo much for all you do to encourage our kids to read!" Patricia Pond, Teacher, Greenbrier Middle


"Chad, the kids want to read every author mentioned in the show and one even asked for the book that he said was sure to give you a 'frighteningly educational experience!' I like the interesting, obscure facts that you bring to the show about the authors. It is clear that you have done your research! And, I have to say that I continue to be mystified by your mind reading. I am shopping for different versions of all of the authors' works so that we have something for all of our 5th grade readers. You presenting for our Fifth graders has become a popular tradition at our school at Halloween. They are especially motivated by their classmates participation in the routines!" Deborah Holmes, Media Specialist, Martinez Elementary


"Chad, we loved the show! You motivate these kids to want to read - definitely a positive thing! Several of the teenagers that were present at our library had never been in the public library before. Many of them came to me and told me they were coming back. It's tough to pick out a favorite part of the show. I guess my favorite part was watching the audience response that you got! What a challenge to motivate teenagers! YOU DID IT! I do (and have) recommended this show. Any program that motivates readers is a show that should be shared, especially for this age group!" Barbara Evans, Children's Librarian, Sarah Hightower Regional Library, Rome, GA




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