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"Once Upon a Time: Grimm's Fairy Tales"

 Chad Crews Programs is proud to present the all new "Once Upon a Time: Grimm's Fairy Tales" program for middle and high schools.  Students will learn the "true" versions of many popular fairy tales, including "Cinderella", "Rumpelstiltskin", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", and "The Frog Prince."  The audience will then witness some amazing feats of mystery that fit with the theme of each story that is being highlighted as they learn that the "true" stories are often quite different than their modern day adaptations.  Your students will then proceed to checkout every book that is "Grimm-related" after the program!

Here are some comments about the show:

"As always, your visit was a big hit! Thank you for coming and spending the day with us. Just knowing you and what you do is an honor and a pleasure. The feedback from our teachers was so positive! They really liked the way you captured the kids' attention and then keep them engaged. Again, thank you for all you do!" Miriam Chamberlain, Media Specialist, Lakeview Middle

"When Chad came to our school and spoke about Poe and other Gothic literature, I had to make a shelf showcasing those authors for the next year. Now he has performed the Grimm's Fairy Tales show and I am having to buy more books to keep up with the demand for Grimm! Several students have shown me the books that they got from the bookstore or the public library. Fairy Tales fits nicely in our curriculum, because our students learn about folk tales in their Language Arts classes. He is really good at sparking their interest and getting them to read!" Carol Bates, Media Specialist, Hull Middle

"Thank you so much for performing for our 7th graders. The Grimm show was wonderful and the students were totally engrossed throughout the program. Students that have trouble sitting still and focusing were with you the entire time. Many students were asking for the original stories you introduced, even those that are not my avid readers. This is the second show you have performed at our school this year and after each show the students cannot get enough of the books and stories you introduce. Of course the favorite part of the show is the magic tricks and I love that you involve the students. To see the students reaction is priceless. The teachers are already planning for your programs next year and see the Grimm program as a way to encourage students to read. Thank you so much!" Margaret Melton, Media Specialist, White County Middle
*Update* ("Also, since your visit many students have been in to check out any Grimm related books I have. I will definitely have to order more books for next year!")

"I loved how you read excerpts out of the stories to get the kids interested, but left enough mystery so the kids will want to read the rest of the story. You also showed that it can be thrilling and fun to read by incorporating suspense and magic into the readings. You tied them in so perfectly to keep every student (and teacher) on the edge of his or her seat. I will definitely be recommending your show for my kids next year! I really thought the show was perfect! I had heard great things about your shows, and my expectations were surpassed! Thank you so much for coming to Riverwatch. The kids LOVED your show, and I really appreciate what you are doing. Your shows are a great way to incorporate fun into learning." Mandy Wansley, 7th Grade LA Teacher, Riverwatch Middle

"Chad's show was entertaining and turned some kids on to books they would not usually read - the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales. I am sure my circulation of these books will increase. He planted a seed of knowledge in them that will "hook" them into reading these books. My favorite part of the new show was Chad's new costume (lol!), the magic tricks and music, and the engaging way you performed. I would absolutely recommend this show to other educators. You can talk about something and teach it and read it in books, but all of that is nothing compared to hearing it performed live. It's always a pleasure having you visit us!" Christi Harp, Media Specialist, Ola Middle

"This show absolutely encourages students to read. The show is riveting and engages everyone young and old! Everyone loved the show and can't wait to see another show by Chad. Every moment was intriguing and fascinating! I would absolutely recommend this show to all other educators. Students and teachers are engaged throughout the entire show and students are all abuzz about learning the stories and magic, but most importantly...READING! The show is fantastic!" Brandy Duff, 7th Grade LA Teacher, Riverwatch Middle

"Several of my students wanted to borrow copies of my fairy tales books. There was also a lot of conversation about the stories Chad discussed. My favorite part was when Chad told the original fairy tales, especially "Cinderella" and "The Frog Prince." I would recommend the show as it was entertaining and engaging. Great job!" 6th Grade LA Teacher, Hull Middle

"I was present for all of the 7th and all of the 8th grade shows. They are wonderful. They both amaze and inspire! Amaze due to the magic! The shows inspire students to READ! I enjoyed both shows (Grimm and Mystery and Horror version 2) very much! I have been teaching for 45 years...Trust me...You do a great job!" Luann Kosa, LA Teacher, Hull Middle

"Chad, it was my pleasure to attend your show today at Hull Middle School today. Your show inspired me to pick up a book and read, under my own will, for the first time in nearly four years. Your show was entertaining and inspiring! Thank you for your inspiration!" Kyle Byrne, 11th Grader, Peachtree Ridge High

"On May 2nd Chad came and performed his Grimm's Fairy Tales program for the 7th grade ELA classes. Many of the students were not familiar with Grimm's versions of the stories, so his telling of several tales was both educational and entertaining. His style of presentation is lively and fun, engaging the students through stories, music, and magic. His magic tricks relate to each story and became more mystifying as he progressed. He was enjoyable to watch and listen to, making Grimm's Tales relative and new for today's students." Lauren Malone, Teacher, White County Middle



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