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"Authors of Mystery and Horror"

Chad's "Authors of Mystery and Horror" program is designed to highlight the lives and works of several classic authors including Edgar Allan Poe (The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat, Cask of Amontillado, Mask of the Red Death, Pit and the Pendulum, The Raven, and Fall of the House of Usher), Bram Stoker (Dracula), Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes), and Harry Houdini - who also wrote a few books!  Students will learn about some of the strange and mysterious connections between the lives of the aforementioned authors along with summaries and interesting facts about their works.  After the program, your students will rush to the media center to check out the stories and authors that they just heard about - so it is always a good idea to have extra copies of the stories that are mentioned in the show.  

Bats not included!


If you would like to learn more about your school selling Chad's book "Magic of Mystery and Horror", just click on the book to get the details of how to save!
Finally, below you will find several comments about the program from other educators who have had the program!

"Thanks for the excellent performance! The students, teachers, and I all enjoyed being amazed by your magic and storytelling. Students have been asking for specific Poe stories and books about magic tricks and Houdini to the extent that my supply doesn't meet the demand. I could not have gotten such a response from booktalking or lecturing! Also, I believe that the presentation inspired some of the reluctant readers to want to read. I enjoyed seeing how you tied each trick together with specific themes, authors, and books. Students have already checked out most of the books I had available and they are still coming to me asking for them. The show is fun and educational! You fit in a lot of information and magic in a short time frame, and I appreciated how you kept the students engaged." Amelia Sinclair, Media Specialist, Greer Middle

"The show gave interesting backgrounds into the lives of these authors. I think it encouraged the students to want to read the books even more because they had more knowledge about the author and stories. The students came in first thing Monday morning and all week checking out the highlighted authors. The stories were relevant, attention grabbing, and very effective in promoting reading. I loved all the magic that was tied into it. You were able to hold their attention with the stories and then incorporate the magic in a very effective way! I can't wait for you to come back next year! My students are still talking about the magic and the books are flying off the shelf!!!" Anna Kaigler, Media Specialist, Stallings Island Middle

"The show definitely encouraged reading. Lots of guys came in wanting the books on Houdini and Dracula and the stories by Poe. They have also been asking for magic books, particularly the one you said gave you your start. My favorite part of the program was just watching these guys who are often difficult to motivate be captivated by your show! I loved the levitating table, of course, but I made my whole family listen to everything you taught us about Houdini! I guess I would have to say I loved the way your show involved so much good information about authors, magic, and the difference between what you do and pyschics and "mind readers. I will recommend you to other educators, and I definitely want to have you back next year. If you can entertain a group of middle school boys and hold their attention you have an amazing gift. Thank you so much for coming to Stockbridge Middle. Our Guys Read program is my passion, and I am always looking for ways to get these boys to read! Thanks again!" Betsy Sierra, Media Specialist, Stockbridge Middle

"I begin using Chad when he first started performing in this area 5 years ago and he does a phenomenal job with students! They are mesmerized from the minute they sit down until the minute they leave. The best part is the books that move when the program is over. All levels of reading are clamoring particularly for Poe but they are also interested in books on Houdini, anything to do with Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, and Frankenstein. If you haven't hosted him before, I would certainly suggest you consider it. It is my experience that his presentation has great staying power as students will continue to ask for and check out these books for weeks to come. Thank you!"  Teresa Gray, Media Specialist, League Academy

"I have had all my teachers say that it was the best program ever brought here. I had to send out some websites with all of the Poe stories for all of the students to read or print because they all wanted his books. I would definitely recommend the show again!"  Andrea Young, Media Specialist, Honea Path Middle

"I love Chad's program "Authors of Mystery and Horror," and all of our Poe, Stoker, Shelley, Houdini, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books are gone...and I even added 11 new Poe books this year!"  Sandy Bailey, Media Specialist, Northwest Middle

"The books I have pulled on Poe, Doyle, Stoker, and Shelley have been highly circulated. In addition, we have checked out several magic books. I purchased the magic book you mentioned in your show and it was checked out less than 5 minutes after being put out. My favorite part of the program was hearing about the lives of the authors. I would recommend the show as it was highly educational, yet still very entertaining with the magical tricks and the involvement of the students."  Deidra Ross, Media Specialist, Calhoun Middle

"This was my second time having you and on both occasions I got nothing but rave reviews. The "cliffhanger" method of sharing stories really gets the kids hooked. I love how you use the students as volunteers and the humor infused in the show. I would definitely recommend the show because it sparks students' interest in reading. My students said it "creeped them out" and that's a real compliment!"  Deana Dunn, RCMS Media Specialist

"I loved the show. It was very educational, and the way that you told them just enough of the different stories then left them wanting to hear the end will definitely have them check out the books! All of the teens that I talked to were amazed and left feeling like they had learned something - I know I did! The show is fantastic and your storytelling abilities wow me. I can't imagine that anyone would be disappointed in the show. You have a way of connecting with the group and getting them to want to volunteer. I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to this summer's show!"  Jeanne Mann, Library Manager, Rome Library

"All of my students are wanting to read Poe's stories, and I almost had a fight over a Houdini book the students discovered on my shelf! Everything was great. I love the fact that the students get to participate. They are already asking if you can come back. I can honestly say that after seeing the show 2 years in a row, it still exceeds my expectations! Thanks for visiting our school. Please know that the students were thrilled with your show!"  Kay Abbott, Teacher, Greer Middle

"The kids get really excited about reading the stories that are mentioned in the show. This also allows me and the other teachers to draw on that excitement and recommend similar authors, etc. Solid fact: the books on Edgar Allan Poe stay checked out for months and months after your visit! I would recommend the show without hesitation. You engage the students, incorporate a good many into the show, and inspire them to read! I'm a happy customer!"  Gaelyn Jenkins, Media Specialist, Greer Middle

"You gave great book teasers and tied it into the magic. The students loved it. They were in right after the program to check out biographies on Houdini and books on Poe - I call that positive feedback! I have recommended your show to all the other librarians in our district!"   Dana Turner, Media Specialist, South Florence High

"Many students will not expand their interests in different genres/styles of fiction and even some nonfiction due to the historical references. I loved all of it - integrating the stories with the magic and including students in the magic (this is what my students liked as well). Thank you for using student volunteers instead of teachers! I would absolutely recommend the show to other educators. Students were completely engaged in a very meaningful way...just a total positive experience. Several students have mentioned they want to read more about the authors and the stories in the program."  D. Kyle Wade, Teacher, Hull Middle School

"Our students are excited about reading, but the program opened their eyes to some other literature that they might not have thought about before. It was very positive and entertaining. The descriptions of the stories really captured their attention. I loved the audience participation. I can't keep the books in the media center. I pulled every book I had on Poe, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, and Frankenstein and placed them on a special table because I had so many requests. I would recommend this program for any middle school. The students were captivated by the stories and by the correlation to the magic."  Tracey Burel, Media Specialist, Anderson 3



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